• a Wellness Warrior diligently keeping your Community Healthy, Safe, and Informed?
  • a Conjuring Creative tirelessly championing messages of Inspiration, Hope & Beauty?
  • an Individual or Agency defending Society’s most marginalized and vulnerable

If you or your organization strive to create empowered shifts within your Community, you don’t have to do it all alone!

I’ve got my cape on and am ready to lighten your Load!

As a Non-Profit & Social Services veteran with over twenty years of Administrative and Community Outreach experience,  I know how much Social Advocates, Health Professionals, Teaching Artists and Other Community Heroes struggle to find the time or energy to do it All! The multiple hats you’re required to wear begins to weigh heavy and your To-do” Lists gets longer as the days seem to get shorter.

As your Sidekick VA, I offer various administrative support services that allows you to remove a few of those hats so you can focus directly on your clients and business or project goals. 

Please check out my Services to determine how I can be of help!