Isa Beaulieu

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Isa Beaulieu, Creator of Sidekick VA


Hello hello! My name is Isa.

Most days, I am a mild mannered Artist, Wellness Educator & Entrepreneur living in Portland, Maine. Other days, I am collaborating with Artists, Healers and Social Entrepreneurs who are kicking ass to enhance the vitality of their communities!

Before Sidekick VA, I was on the front lines in the Non-Profit and Social Service Industries for over twenty years. Some of the positions I have served required me to:

  • manage a 40 acre organic CSA farm in Wisconsin
  • mentor Youth who were determined to rise above trauma, poverty, and gang-life to graduate high school
  • recruit homeless women for preventative breast and cervical cancer screenings
  • facilitate Open Studio workshops  and events for an organization that uses Art to fight Genocide, War and Global conflict
  • mobilize state-wide individuals and organization to join the fight against health care disparities, human rights violations and community violence

I am also a multimedia Artist, who strives to use her Creative Powers for Good, as well as, a Birth Doula, Folk Herbalist, Reiki Master, and Trauma-informed Women’s Wellness Educator. 

My experiences as an Advocate and Educator have enabled me to collect a bundle of skills that are vital in supporting other Creatives, Healers, Advocates and Entrepreneurs meet their long-term and short-term goals. These skills include, Outreach, Community Mobilization, Event Planning, Volunteer Management, and Education, Research, Data collection & transferring, Writing & Editing, Spreadsheet design, and Social Media start-up & maintenance. Some of these skills I offer as your Sidekick VA.

Sidekick VA is my way of giving back…to YOU and to those you Serve!