Your Needs & Budget Are Unique!

Together, let’s determine a Rate Option that best fits your Project & Budget.

I offer three Rate options:


Do you have a One-time project, such as setting up a Social Media page or editing forms and contracts? Projects that take less than 5 hours are quoted on a project basis. Contact me to discuss specific details relating how we can collaborate.


Do you need a few hours of support to creating a spreadsheet of local contacts, tidying up files or do some research (or other tasks)? For 5 to 9 hours of on-demand support, my hourly rate is $30/hour.

Monthly Packages

For support that requires 10 hours or more per month, a monthly rate is applied. Monthly Packages includes:

  • A reduced hourly rate of $25 per hour
  • Dedicated time and space specifically for your Project
  • The ability utilize my multiple Services and Tasks according to your needs